“Kate has a keen eye and an ability to pick up on small details that make a big difference. Her notes are always great and make me think about things from a different perspective, which is really helpful...I always enjoy working with her.”

Kira Sinclair, author of the Sweetheart, South Carolina series

“Kate has done several line edits of my books, and I’ve been very pleased with her work. Her attention to detail and continuity were great, and she always respected the tone of the book and my voice.”

-Debbi Rawlins, author of the Made in Montana series

“Kate is a joy to work with. Her edits were insightful and professional, and helped to make my books better. Highly recommended!”

-Alyxandra Harvey, young adult author of the Drake Chronicles

“I worked with Kate at Harlequin for many years and she was always professional and a pleasure to work with. When Kate started freelancing I sent her several books to line edit and was always extremely happy with her work, as were my authors. Kate knows how to make each book as strong as it can be while respecting the author’s voice and always has insightful observations and suggestions about plot and characterization.”

-Laura Barth, freelance editor at Laura Barth Editorial Services

“Kate helped me with the edit of my book, Living Abroad Successfully. Now my book is published and I'm so proud of it and so grateful to know Kate. Her work is not only professional, but the contact we had throughout the project was just amazing. Regular updates, emails, messages, and always on time. A true pleasure. No matter what kind of edit you need, short or long, I would recommend Kate.”

-Rachel Smets, motivational speaker and author of Awaken Your Confidence and Living Abroad Successfully

“I wanted a second pair of eyes to look over my partial before I began querying. I hired Kate to do a developmental edit and she really helped make my opening scene stronger.”

-Natasha G., querying author