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In today's overcrowded market, your creative content needs an edge.

Whether you're looking to fine-tune your query letter, develop your manuscript, polish a final draft, or create elegant, enticing marketing copy for your website, Paper Poppy Editorial has the knowledge and the know-how to turn your creative vision into a beautifully-crafted reality.

With over a decade of experience in the publishing industry, Kate Studer knows what agents, editors, and customers are looking for. And in today's highly competitive market, there's no substitute for a primed and refined piece of writing that's expertly tailored to your target audience. Don't let your hard work languish in the weeds; Paper Poppy Editorial offers a variety of services to help cultivate your creative content, giving it the strength it needs to stand tall. 


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"Kate has a keen eye and an ability to pick up on small details that make a big difference. Her notes are always great and make me think about things from a different perspective, which is really helpful...I always enjoy working with her."

Kira Sinclair, author of the Sweetheart, South Carolina series


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