Our Services


Below is a list of the most-common services that Paper Poppy Editorial provides. Though we specialize in romance and commercial fiction, we have the skill and enthusiasm to help with any creative project you have in mind, offering à la carte services if you requires something a little more customized. Simply drop us a line via the contact page and we'll be happy to see what we can do for you!

We're currently booking into February 2019; contact us today to reserve your spot. For all full manuscript services, a free-of-charge, two-page sample edit can be provided to ensure a good editor/client fit. Turnaround times vary by project and requested level of service, but for most full-manuscript services, a turnaround time of two weeks from when we receive your material is typical. In some cases, rush service may be available for an additional fee. Discounts are offered on any two services combined. 

Please note that for all new clients, payment is due up front via Paypal after the level of service and completion date have been mutually agreed upon. A 60/40 split payment option is available to referrals and returning clients. Once the work commences, we're happy to provide progress updates and answer any questions as they arise--we're big fans of open communication around here :)


Editorial Assessment

$0.01 per word

Not sweating the small stuff? An Editorial Assessment is a top-level review of your manuscript that provides insights into the overall structure and story. We'll carefully read through your manuscript and provide you with an editorial letter that outlines all the big-picture items to be addressed.



Developmental Edit

$0.017 per word

The Developmental Edit digs a little deeper than an Editorial Assessment, getting down to the roots of your story, fleshing out characters, plot, pacing, and continuity. We'll provide you with both an editorial letter that addresses big-picture issues as well as notes throughout the document itself (using track changes), paying careful attention to specific issues as they occur and suggesting improvements and fixes.  



Line Edit

$0.015 per word

The Line Edit dives right in with a fine-tooth comb and involves a line-by-line edit that focusses on diction, flow, clarity, continuity, phrasing, repetition, and other issues with regards to style, structure, and voice. This is achieved via a combination of suggested changes in the text and comments in the margins (via track changes). 



Bloom & Prune Package

$0.029 per word

For a discounted rate, this combination package is where the in-depth analysis of a Developmental Edit joins forces with the nitty-gritty scrutiny of a Line Edit to give your project the TLC it needs to thrive. 



Query Letter Critique

$45 (includes two passes)

Manuscript ready to go, but unsure about your query letter? The slush pile is a rough place to be--we've been there, we know. Your query or cover letter is your chance to make a great first impression on whomever you're appealing to--be it an agent, editor, or prospective employer.  Make sure it's a great one. This service includes two passes so we have a chance to implement suggested changes after the first pass and fine-tune things on the second. 



First 10/Synopsis

$55 for ten pages

Whether you've been in the query trenches for a while or you're just starting out, many agents and editors initially want the same thing--the first ten pages of your manuscript. There's a reason for this, one we have a lot of firsthand experience with from years managing the slush pile for a major publisher. Agents and editors don't have a lot of time, and usually those first ten pages will give them a sense as to whether they want to keep reading. Your opening needs to be strong right out of the gate, hooking your reader over the span of very few pages. Nothing will get you more partial and full requests than a solid first ten. This service includes a detailed critique of the either a) the first ten pages of your manuscript OR b) a combination of synopsis and opening pages, not exceeding ten pages (for example, a two page synopsis and the first eight pages). This limit can be extended for an additional fee. We're happy to discuss to meet your needs. 



Sowing Seeds Package


The best value for an author getting ready to submit to agents and editors. The Sowing Seeds package includes a Query Letter Critique and in-depth analysis of your First 10/Synopsis (services as described above), all for one, discounted price. 



Marketing Copy

Rates vary by project

Need elegant, attention-grabbing marketing copy for your book, product, or website? We're happy to help with that. With years of experience writing compelling back cover copy for a variety of major imprints, we know how to capture a potential customer's eye. Please contact us with a detailed description of what you're looking for and we'll be happy to discuss!



À la Carte

Rates vary by project

Have a project that's outside the box? Or maybe you're preparing your manuscript and only want help with a few trouble chapters, or need a final proofread before you send it out into the world? Whether it's a speech you have to give, or piece of writing that could use a professional polish, we're happy to help it shine. Contact us today and tell us what you have in mind. We're always happy to tailor our level of service accordingly and look forward to hearing about your project!